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Road-rail tunnel between Denmark and Germany to be world’s longest

Construction of the Fehmarnbelt Fixed Link, an eleven-mile underwater highway and rail tunnel linking Germany and Denmark, is expected to begin in the summer of 2015. The tunnel would allow travelers to bypass current, less direct road and ferry routes, decreasing the time required to travel from mainland Europe to Copenhagen and Stockholm.


Revamped sex education program aims to raise Danish birth rates

In an effort to breathe new life into a rapidly-aging population, Danish sex educators are adopting a new approach that will promote sex and parenthood. Instead of teaching teenagers how to avoid pregnancy, educators will discuss pregnancy in a more favorable manner, perhaps even teaching students “how to get pregnant.” In a country where birth rates have been unsustainably low since the 1970s, the program aims to overcome a perceived aversion to parenthood that has been exacerbated by high unemployment and economic uncertainty.